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The EcoPro® mobile sawmills range has been completely developed by ALM Industry SA in Belgium. Our years of experience and engineering have enabled us to produce quality mobile sawmills capable of working in the most difficult conditions. In fact, these sawmills have been studied specially for the tropical markets. We have been working with African countries for years and our current experience in the field has allowed us to produce reliable, economical mobile sawmills used by many loggers as a source of income.

Whatever your wood processing project is, there is an Eco Pro mobile sawmill adapted to your needs and to your budget. We accompany you in all the stages of your project because we are not simple mobile sawmills sellers.

The EcoPro® range of mobile sawmills consists of 3 models:

  1. EcoPro 2®
  2. EcoPro Duo®
  3. EcoPro UL®

Some advantages of EcoPro® mobile sawmills :

  • Easily transportable
  • Quick setup
  • Large log diameter capacity
  • Powerful and robust
  • Long-lasting
  • Suitable for sawing exotic wood
  • No oscillation
  • Stability while sawing
  • 100% tropicalized
  • Electric or fuel engine
  • Exceptional sawing efficiency

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FREE Productivity Study

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Training of operators in Cameroon

On request, we can organize trainings on our customers’ site. In fact, to produce a product of high quality, it is necessary to have a professional mobile sawmill. But good use and good maintenance guarantee you to keep your investment for many years. Interested in EcoPro® mobile sawmills ? A question? Request a quote ? […] ... →

An exceptional saw quality !

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