EcoPro Duo®

Continuously innovating in the search for new, more profitable sawmills, ALM Industry SA has the advantage of offering you the EcoPro Duo®, the two-bladed sawmill.

The EcoPro Duo® saws beams up to 20.5 x 10.5 cm with an incomparable daily capacity up to 18 m3 of sawn timber.
This machine is equipped with a pendular translation kit, two blades (with a diameter of 300 and 500 mm) each with 5 carbide teeth + sharpening kit with diamond grinding wheel.


Sawing Capacity

  • Logs: maximum diameter 1.4 m to 2 m and maximum length 6 m
  • Timber: 20.5 cm x 10.5 cm
  • Volume of daily flow: up to 18 cubic meters of sawn timber


An EcoPro Duo® mobile sawmill includes:

  • A sawmill capacity 20.5 cm x 10.5 cm x 6 m
  • A pendulum system (This equipment allows waste to be evacuated and a new log can be positioned without the risk of a log / sawmill collision on the free post while the sawing continues on the other one. By eliminating the dead time of sawing between two logs.)
  • A sharpening machine (The sharpening machine allows to sharpen the saw teeth without disassembling the blade.) (+ Link to the video)
  • A 500 mm blade with 5 teeth
  • A 300 mm blade with 5 teeth

Technical specifications

  • Overall dimensions mounted: length 8.1 m x width 2.7 m x height 2m
  • Completely made of galvanized steel.
  • Vertical stroke 1170 mm
  • Longitudinal carriage travel 7000 mm
  • Transverse trolley travel 1300 mm
  • All movements are on ball bearings.
  • The trolley wheels are easily replaceable steel wheels
  • Front and rear blade safety
  • Simultaneous vertical movement of the assembly by a single crank

In case of accident ALL items can be replaced or repaired, beams, frames, trolley, etc ….


Check out our photo gallery of EcoPro® mobile sawmills in action



Download the technical data sheet of the EcoPro Duo® two-bladed sawmill …

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