EcoPro UL®

Our continual technological innovation coupled with the usage of the best materials has raised the EcoPro 2® and EcoPro Duo® machines’ reputation, both in fixed and semi-mobile installation. These sawmills have demonstrated many times their qualities and performance.

Today we have the particularity of offering you a quite new light machine.

Check out: EcoPro UL®, the ultra-lightweight mobile sawmill with a tilting blade.
The EcoPro UL® is the ultra-lightweight version of the EcoPro 2® mobile sawmill with a total weight of 400 kg and can saw logs up to 25 x 25 cm with a daily capacity of up to 12 m3 of sawn wood.


This Ultra-light sawmill can be assembled in 30 minutes by two men to move from ball to ball and is offered with a 31 HP thermal engine.
It makes it possible to saw logs without length limitation by simple translation rails extension.
This machine also makes it possible to delete log skidding operations.


Scierie Mobile EcoPro UL

High-quality beech sawing by the ECOPRO® UL sawmill: in Wallonia near MONS (Belgium)

Scierie Mobile EcoPro UL

The finished products are close to the planed state

Check out our photo gallery of EcoPro® mobile sawmills in action



Download the EcoPro UL® mobile sawmill documentation

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