FREE Productivity Study

Whether you are a logger or sawmill user, our experience in mobile sawmills allows us to advise you and assist you in your project. Even if projects vary according to their scale and reach, they all have one thing in common: a good productivity study. We suggest that we evaluate your project together and determine […] ... →

EcoPro in tropical forest

Ideal for processing hard exotic wood in Africa, South America and Asia. Equipped with a 90 ° swinging blade and entirely made of galvanized steel, it is intended for loggers and sawmills working in difficult conditions. It is equipped with a 30HPpetrol engine or an electric one. Interested in EcoPro® mobile sawmills ? A question? […] ... →

Ecological Benefits of EcoPro® Mobile Sawmills

The loggers’ ecological concerns are well known and legitimate. Most of these concerns encounter economic problems. International organizations raise funds to help farmers. Regulations are becoming clearer and begin to be applied. Global ecology is attentive and active. Among these ecological problems, we will mention those related to the logs transportation and to the abandonment […] ... →