[PHOTOS] Participation at SIMAC in Yaoundé Cameroon – EcoPro®

Check out the pictures of the Eco Pro® mobile sawmills during ALM Industry’s participation in SALON SIMAC in Yaoundé (Cameroon).

The demonstrations of this mobile sawmill are a factor of attractiveness, the only ones of the whole show that have aroused the visitors interest. The presence of loggers has allowed extensive exchanges on the sawing of tropical timber and Belgian know-how with the quality « made Belgium » which remains an asset.

Check out the pictures below:

  • Hundreds of visitors rush to the ALM booth every day for the mobile sawmill: Eco Pro 2® in action with sawn hardwoods like azobé
  • Proven performance
  • Machines that are easy to use and maintain
  • Presentation of sawmill quality in the Cameroonian town hall
  • Exceptional sawing precision.

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